Thursday, October 05, 2006

Passport Phase

Well, we have made it to the passport phase of the process in Haiti!!! This is wonderful since we were held up in Ministry of Interior for over a month, but have now been released. We went into passports Monday...PTL!
Not sure how much longer it will be. I have a family who has been in passports for over a month, but they got caught in the change over of Director's just as I did, just a different office. I am praying that all will go quickly this part of the process.
Once passports are received then birth parent interviews can be scheduled at USCIS (Immigration) in Haiti. Once they are done...we go get the kids!!!! I am so excited. I am still slightly guarded as far as a time line but pray to have them home by Thanksgiving. This time line is looking more like it could really be a reality, but after 16 months of waiting for my kiddos it is hard to believe it will be real soon.
More as soon as I hear it!

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