Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Holiday's and Tests

Well, no news from Haiti today. Today is a Holiday in Haiti.....Death of the Father of The Country. Hopefully tomorrow I will hear more about passports for me and another waiting family and will know dossier placement for the several others who are waiting anxiously for ANY word.

Today was test day for me. I went to the hospital and had an unltrasound completed on my abdominal cavity. I am hoping this shows something so I can be diagnosed and given a solution and end to the pain I feel. The one downer to today...the ultrasound lady has to push down in order to see what she needs to see....this makes my fibromyalgia act up...OUCH! I feel a little like I have the flu..achy body and sore. I pray it will go away soon.

Hopefully more news on both fronts in the next day or two!
God bless to all who are reading!

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