Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fight Night

Saturday was fight night, and what a night it was!!!
I had to call 3 fights to an end and was booed while in the ring. hehe
It was a night for facial cuts like no other. I had to call 3 fights due to bad cuts that would require stitches and you could see meat and bone underneath ( to much info I know). Anyway. people in the audience didn't like me calling the fights. At one point I was booed when I went into the ring for a badly bleeding fighter. Some of the people called me some pretty nasty names and wanted another person to do my job. Good thing that the promotors know I know what I am doing and calmed the crowd down. Once I got out of the ring, it had to be mopped due to all the blood. I had quite a bit of blood on my shirt the rest of the evening. All in all, the mat had to be mopped 2 times with rags and 1 time with a mop...nasty! ;-P
Had a lot of fun and some good fighters won title belts for their weight classes. Hunter is begging me to take him next time...I will have to think about it first though.

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