Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mr. Cadet is gone!

For those of you who read the blog regularly you will know I speak of Mr. Cadet from IBESR in Haiti. He was head of Haiti's version of Social Services/Child Welfare. He was a crappy man and would sit on families adoption papers for ever for no good reason at all.
I am excited to say that rumor has become truth. Friday was Mr. Cadet's last day of work for IBESR!!!!!!!!! The man is no longer in charge of children's future...that alone should show a non believer that there is a God. :-P
We are not sure who the next IBESR Director will be, an interim one is to be taking the office shortly, but it has yet to be seen. Pray that the new Director is one with a good heart for the children and will do his or her job with integrity.

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B E C K Y said...

Bondye li bon! God is good! I'm SO happy the man is gone, gone, gone!