Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Are you Drunk???

How do you describe the following feeling?

I send an email to the US Consulate in Haiti to Tell them that one of my adoptive families has had their dossier deposited as of Thursday of last week and to let me know if it is in need of anything else etc.
I receive an email back stating the following:

"Regarding the file of Adoptive parent #1 and #2, please be informed that we will welcome Their Beautiful Daughter on April 3rd at 7:30 for the visa interview." (Names have of course been changed)

OK....THIS email arrives to ME by 1pm on Tuesday afternoon-This appointment is for THURSDAY AM! I need to get this family across the entire US and to Haiti by Wednesday night....yeehaw..bring it on! I think the family was sure I was April Fooling them when I called. I think the exact words were "Are you drunk??" :-P hehe

So, they are currently at the travel agent booking tickets, I am scrambling around getting things set for them in Haiti and making sure I have told them everything they need to know before they go....Give me strength...give THEM strength!!! ;-)

Keep you updated on how it goes!


DotBlogger said...

Any chance that might happen for us? can you check? We can leave RIGHT NOW! Seriously! :) Please call them and ask.

Angela said...

What??? Am I drunk? Did I really just read that??? What???

SOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOL!! It gives great hope when its been feeling so hopeless. Please congratulate Parent 1 and 2 (cool names by the way) for me!!!!

Renee said...

That has given me so much hope!! We are at the end..we have passports and are getting the medical letter done..had the birth parent interview and signed our I-600 in Haiti in Aug. WOW!! So, maybe as soon as they re-open it won't be much longer!!! Thanks for the HOPE!!