Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mwen Fanmi

I have kept this picture for a while, wanting to post it, but not doing it. Every time I look at this picture I am happy and sad at the same time.
This was after the funeral of my bio Dad Rick. We had come back to my grandma's and changed clothes and just spent time visiting with one another and enjoying the company of family and regretting the fact that the visit was due to sadness and death.
Below are some very important people to me. Starting on the left you have me, my sister Rachel and my brother Richard and my Step Mother Debbie. She is no longer married to my Dad Rick, but she will always be another mother to me. Richard and Rachel are 17 and 14 respectively. I love them so much and wish they lived close to me so I could tell them everyday how much they mean to me, Curtis and the kids.

Debbie was always amazing and kind to me. Coming in as the 'step mother' can never be easy, especially when the child is pretty much an older teen to young adult like I was. She and I have had long talks and feel the same way about a lot of things. She has raised some beautiful children and is doing a wonderful job of being a mother to Richard and Rachel.

Rachel has acted in several TV pilots, traveling acting and singing shows and can sing better than anyone I know. She is beautiful, outside as well as inside. I can see her talent grow and cannot wait to get her autograph and say " I remember when you were a little stinker and now you are famous!" For having not grown up together, Rachel and I are alike in numerous ways...poor Debbie..hehe

Richard is so handsome and has really taken on being the man of the house at a young age...he is so smart, graduating early from high school so he can work and take some college classes. He guards his 'ladies' very closely and is so sweet and soft spoken....I am not sure where THAT trait came from...hehe

They both have so much growing up yet to do, but I see how quickly they have grown up in the last few years. We shared a father and will always have a connection, I hope it is one we can nurture and become closer as the years go by....I LOVE YOU GUYS!

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