Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bragging post

OK...I am warning you..this is a bragging post so beware.
The kids got their report cards from school.

Hunter scored Honor Roll for 5th grade. Kid can out read, write and out math me any day of the week. He also, on his own decision, entered into the school writing contest for Literacy Night. He wrote an entire story and placed 1st out of all the 5th graders! This scored him $5 at the book fair, school applause and his entry to be displayed for everyone to see...we were so proud of him. Hunter scored at least High School level on his the charts! ;-P

Demi scored E's (Excellent) on most of her subjects and M+ on the rest! She is currently working on peer relations. Not her strongest suit as she is a rule Nazi and tends to let everyone know what they are doing wrong.hehe She scored off the charts on her exams (IRI-Idaho Reading Indicator-scoring at least a 4th grade reading level)for a second grader is great.

Kai brought his IRI from a 1 to a grade level 3...he has been in ELL (English Language Learners)for the entire year and has made AMAZING strides in his language. We are working on getting him to quit being such a stinker when it comes to teasing...he can tease with the best of them. He has everyone charmed like crazy and can be naughty but get away with it when he smiles his toothless grin. What a charmer.

Nikaya doesn't attend school yet but I had her tested for Speech. Unfortunately she scored at a 4 year old level...just slightly above where she really is, so she wont qualify for preschool in the public school system (you must have a learning disability to qualify or be a peer model with no deficits). Nikaya is still struggling with colors, currently everything is 'Blue' regardless of what it is....we are working on it though and think she will come around with practice. Her grasp of English is really well and she talks and talks all the time....we are encouraging the English you see..hehe

So, the kids are doing wonderful, all scoring well above where they should be...I wish I could take biological credit for it but hey...they probably wouldn't score as high if I gave birth to them...hehe Just kidding.


Julie said...

Yeah kids! I personally like bragging posts ~

Congratulations to Hunter for placing first in the Literacy Contest. I am almost 45 and I still haven't written a whole book.

And, congratulations to Demi for getting a great report card!

Kai ~ for learning English so very well... Yahoo!

And, Nikaya just for being cute. I love little girls who fill the silence. My daughter's blog has a quote about music that says something about painting pictures on silence; that's a gift you know ~

Amy said...

That's great! Not only do you have great kids, but they have great parents! Hugs all around!