Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It Costs What???

WOW....I found a couple of things on the Livesay blog I wanted to share with you. I know that protests and riots have hit Haiti with a vengeance. I have never pretended to understand why Haitians burn tires, run thru the streets etc. to prove a point...I think maybe now I do.
To have someone put into perspective what it takes to buy groceries to feed your family in Haiti compared to what we pay here in the ole RICH U.S.A., it floored me. See below:


Some basic examples of the increases that have been noticed here-

1 bag of rice (50kg) 1200gds ($31.37us) 2000gds ($52.28us)

1 bag or beans (50kg)2000gds ($52.28us) 3000gds ($78.43us)

1 bottle of cook oil 175gds ($4.57us) 300gds ($7.84us)

1gallon of gas 175gds ($4.57us) 230gds ($6.00us)

1 can of powder milk 1000gds ($26.14us) 1800gds ($47.05us)

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Angela said...

It's amazing to me that one bag of rice and one bag of beans would cost most Haitians ENTIRE average income for the whole month. How on earth could that be right? It's CRAZY!!!