Monday, April 07, 2008

Prayers Needed!!!!

Prayers for Adoptive family #1 and #2...Josh and Kim. They are currently awaiting an answer from USCIS and US Consulate. Come to find out, they arrived in Haiti for the Visa appointment only to find out that the passport had the wrong picture on it. The girl on the passport looked like their daughter, but it wasn't her.....uugghh. To be honest, that has never happened as long as I have done Haitian adoption, so I chalk it up to Satan....Anywho.....They are rushing to get a new passport printed and praying that US Consulate will see them and give them the Visa, that machines will cooperate, as well as people (biggest prayer needed there!).

Kim and Josh are suffering from sadness at the thought of leaving their youngest daughter whose adoption is not finished yet (still in IBESR) and Kim passed a Kidney stone while in country...yeah, a kidney stone. Their trip has been a HUGE test to them and their resolve for their girls...pray for their strength as they endure this test alone....I wish I was there to hug them and let them know it will be OK.

Rioting has begun in Les Cayes and has begun moving to Port-au-Prince. They have seen a couple of 'parades' of UN Tanks, Haitian Police etc. move towards the National Palace which is only a couple of blocks from the office in PAP. They (Haitian Authorities) are getting ready for possible full out strike and are moving into position to protect the Palace.
People are protesting and rioting over the increase in the cost of food in an already poor country. Food costs are raising so high that families, often trying to survive on $2 a day, cannot afford to feed their families.

Prayers all around for Josh and Kim and the girls and all of Haiti as they fight for what they believe is rightfully theirs and right in the eyes of God.


Angela said...

Whew.... they sure know how to end the process don't they? Wow! I'm praising God with you for their eventual happy ending and the witness of miracles. They will always have a very interesting adoption story. ;)

How long after they are home do you think it will be until they say "I can't wait to go back" or "I miss Haiti"???

The Haiti Lady said...

Probably as soon as their other daughter is ready they will be up to going back...hehe
Love ya,