Sunday, July 06, 2008

4th Fun

Lets see. I had a family travel finally and bring home their two newest additions to the family...CONGRAT'S to Y and Q for arriving home safely to their forever home!
I have another family ready to travel any day now and if US Consulate will get off their duff, they could be home soon as well! ;-)

4th was fun. We usually go camping, but with the cost of gas this year ($4.08 here), we decided to stay home. We had a huge block party with BBQ, fireworks, everything...absolute blast! My Grandma P, Aunt Pam and Uncle Gary and Aunt Susan came. Gary and Susan are from N.J. so it was great for them to have some fireworks for a change! The kids played in the blowup pools, rode bikes, had pop-it fights and ate more than they should....good fun. Our neighbors who hosted it, have 2 pet ducks...cutest little things squawking all over the yard. When you pick one up, the other makes a noise like a car alarm to complain that you have his sweet. She also had a tiny 2 day old baby Sparrow. Hopefully the little guy makes it...she is trying hard for him though.

Things have been busy as we are tyring to get our fence stained, things done that we never have time to do etc. since Curt had this last week off. Of course, he returns to work Tuesday and the sinking feeling is setting hoo

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!!!

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