Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Troops

Nikaya Funnies to post about.

Instead of telling you she poo'ed in her pants she prefers the saying "mom, I sharked in my pants"..4 year old for sharted (yes, I know it is naughty, but to funny not to mention..)

Calls the TV show American Gladiators "an Alligators".

When she wants to do something on her own she tells you "I do it my dad self" which is her way of telling you she did it BY herself...we usually repeat "You did it your BAD self" she just rolls her eyes like Demi does..hehe

All the kids are quite characters.
Hunter is a computer geek, book loving, germa phobe (if you watch Monk on cable tv...just pretend her were Haitian and you have Hunter..hehe)

Demi LOVES to cook and anything to do with cooking. You usually find her watching ANY cooking show, Survival shows such as Bear Gryls etc...weird for an 8 year old girl huh??!!

Kai LOVES his new cowboy boots and hat from Pappy and Mammy. Kid after my own heart. he wants to wear a button up shirt with a tie, cowboy boots, have a mowhawk and listen to head banger music. Therapy is a sure shot with him..hehe

Nikaya is catching up with the other kids. She speaks English all the time, even though sometimes it is 4 year old English. She is definitely the baby and screams commands as such.

Life is good..busy, but good!

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