Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nightline Part II

Well, I watched the Nightline program and DVR'ed it so hubby could watch it as well.
My first thoughts are these:

1. It is a sad but true fact of life in Haiti that there are Resteveks
2. I was saddened to see that one man said he was willing to find a child for the American for $150.00
3. I was even more saddened when another man told the reporter that he was willing to do the same for $10,000 but his services included papers to take the child to the US.

My thoughts vary.
Once the reporter had his meeting with the 2 'gentleman' ( I use the term loosely) he was offered the same services by the waiters at the hotel/restaurant they were at. Now, having been to Haiti several times this made me giggle. If you say you want something, whether it is to a direct person or not, someone can always get you what you want if the price is right and their 'service' to you is better than the last persons. These waiters, and the men the reporter met with may or may not have been able to get this American his child as they had promised.

My idea on the scenario is this....
The man offers to 'sell' you the child for so many US dollars. You must pay half the fee up front and the other half at the end of the transaction. I am thinking that you pay him half the fee and he disappears never to be seen from again. Now, he SAID he could get you a child, but you just paid him half of a fee for doing NOTHING...he leaves, no worse for wear and made money for doing nothing...
Did the reporter ever actually see a child that was promised to him? Did he just accept that these men's words were fact and they could indeed DELIVERED the child?

Now, I am not saying that child Slavery is not an issue in Haiti, it is a HUGE issue. It is however not fair to say that children are being shipped to the US for that reason.

Having worked in Haitian Adoption for 9 years, I have seen these types of things over and over. UNICEF wants people to believe that ALL of us are 'baby sellers' and 'baby buyers'..when we are actually growing our families thru adoption..LEGALLY with a ridiculously drawn out process.
I would venture to guess that 98% of Haitian child Slaves are used in Haiti or the Dominican with a small portion to other countries....most likely NOT the US.

I just hope that the story draws the attention to where it is needed..NOT to Americans LEGALLY Adopting the children, but to the Haitians and Dominican's slave trade of their own children.

Just my .02

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Becky Hinchley said...

I had a lot of the same they actually come through with a child, if they did, how would you get them to the U.S., etc. It was more sad to me that parents give their children away to other families with the thought that they will be educated and they are used as slaves. My heart went out to that 11 year old girl!!