Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nightline News

I, like many in Haitian adoption or Haiti Brained, will be watching a Nightline news story this evening. I am interested to see the spin put on it by the media that tends to be pretty liberal in its points. I am also, wanting to see if the backlash comes out against LEGAL Haitian Adoption as opposed to what it should be hitting, and that is Restevek's (meaning Live With...or Child Slaves). Servitude is fairly common in Haiti but never spoken about. Even the poorest of families seems to have a girl' or 'boy' around to help out. I am waiting to watch like everyone else, and to weather the storm that usually falls afterwards!


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Sherry said...

Hi LeAnn! I don't have tv service, but I clicked through the link you gave and read the story, and I have read Ben Skinners book. It is horrifying. Even more horifying is that the US does absolutely nothing to help.
Since I didn't see the program, I hope you are going to write a bit more about your thoughts on it.