Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Stop...Potty Time

This is what we are in the midst of doing right now...the big potty training thing. The title is what I sing every time the timer goes off for Nikaya to go...M.C. Hammer's 'Hammer Time', but with the words 'Potty Time...' Nice little dance ditty if ya ask me. Kids are horrendously embarrassed when I do it either at home or in public..hehe...my job is complete!! ;-)

Nikaya has finally showed some ability to be ready, and hopefully the ability to be in the control of others will...the hardest part of pottying adopted kids I believe. Adopted children, well...children in general, always exert their control over their pottying. It is the 1 thing a child can control and another person cannot. After learning this in the adoption world, I never forced my children into pottying. Of course, I took ALOT of grief from others who thought that MY children should do what THEY thought they should do at a certain time.

In our belief, in the short lives of our children, they have had several homes, mommies, daddies, airplane rides, and not alot of food or clean water...control over their lives has been zero since birth...so we let them have a little room to move with the toileting.

I Will have to post how Nikaya is doing. We set a timer for about every 30-40 minutes and when it dings it reminds her to use the potty. When she does, we all cheer and reset the clock. She has self initiated a couple of times so that is a start. It will hopefully be a smooth process, but we shall see. Oh...off to Potty Time! ;-)

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