Saturday, July 19, 2008

Your Opinion

Last night I had fights. We had the usual broken noses, ribs etc.
My main problem with the whole evening is a person who came to fight. He came to the cage (about 350lbs) and tatt'ed up with Swastika's, 'Nazi' written on his chest etc. He had the words 'Pure' on one arm and 'Hate' written on the other. I took one look at him and told the Dr. that he may have the degree, but I had seniority and would NOT work on that man if he was dying in front of me.
Now, that may be harsh, and I am not sure if I could be evil enough to watch the life drain from another human being (using the term loosely) or if he just made me so angry that I could not touch him in a lesser state of need. The Dr. agreed, knowing my home situation and said he would look at him.
What surprised me, is when the man came to the cage with his markings, the crown Boo'ed him. His judge was a friend of mine who happens to be African American. I watched in awe of my friend and he checked him out pre-fight, like he would anyone else...
I mulled in my mind the whole situation...he was incurring hate from the crowd, probably not as much disdain as he had for others, but in a large group is was good to hear.
The man fighting him came to the cage and saw his markings and made it HIS desire to prove that many did not want his kind here.

The big 'man' took 3 hits to the face and ran behind the ref and asked for it to be stopped...broken nose draining alot of blood. I was satisfied and somewhat happy to see his pain and weakness. We entered the cage and I took care of my guy etc and watched the Doc cared for the other one. I knew he was having a little bit of a difficult time getting the blood to stop and asked the doc if he needed anything...he told me he was fine. The whole time I kept my hands in my pockets not wanting to be to close to him in fear I would actually say something to him about his markings and wanting a reason as to why you would put that on your body.

Afterwards I spoke to my AA friend and told him he was a bigger man than me, because I could not be nice to the other guy. He just smiled.

I was angry for what I saw, for the hate this person spits about people like my children, yet one of the people he hates, treated him with kindness. I felt guilt, anger at myself for being so unforgiving (maybe??) I went from EMT to Mama Bear in no time flat and could not separate myself from him or the situation.
Could this person or his type be won over with kindness that Jesus would have shown him...did C, my friend, do the better thing by showing this person kindness even though he was presented with hate of his own person in front of his face? I swing between the 2 choices alot.
Some of the fighters who know me and my kids, gathered around me so when he left the cage I didn't have to be near him...they knew he agitated me by being there...what a group of great guys.

Any comments on how any of you would have handled it?


The Williamson Clan said...

You do seem to find yourself in interesting situations don't you, girl?!? I think you answered your own question in your post. It sounds like C. did what Jesus would have done. Well, what Jesus did do when He encountered so many people who spit on Him and despised Him. He turned the other cheek, He asked God to forgive them because "they know not what they do". I would look on this guy as being the ignorant person he is. Another thing to remember is how Christ instructed His disciples to go to towns to preach the gospel. If those towns did not accept them they were to leave the town, brushing the dust of the town from their feet. Some people in this world ARE ignorant. They hurt others, but maybe only to the extent that we let them. I have faith that you would have done the right thing if it came down to it.

The Haiti Lady said...

Thank you Jana. I know as well that I would have helped him and NOT let his ignorance stop me from doing what I KNEW was right. It was hard for me to see him, KNOW that what C was doing was the right answer and teetering on that edge of 'just as hateful as him'.
Love ya,

ange said...

Jesus sat with Judas in the seat of honor at the last supper. Jesus washed his feet just like the rest of the disciples.....
It is hard to try to be the hands and feet when our hearts are all angry.
I know you, I know you would have pulled up and helped him had he been 'in trouble'.
We love ya girl

Amy said...

I agree with Jana and Ange, you'd have done the right thing had he been in serious trouble. I can't help but giggle that maybe you'd reset a nose or a dislocation with a little extra *umph* though. ;) Somethin' special for your special friend.

Sheesh, you're talking about a huge guy and we were just dealing with a racist comment at day camp the other day. I get so riled up too. It's hard to keep mama bear in the cage. Gotta pray through it.

Love ya!