Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning and Such

WOW...I have been in the closets, drawers and under the stairs cleaning out useless crud as well as clothes...that all of us have outgrown. I took several boxes of clothing items to the youth Ranch here local and they LOVED IT! I am happy for the space, but see that I have more purging to do in the future.

One thing that is nice about losing weight, is that I am giving away the larger clothes I have worn and finding other clothes that I have not been able to wear now fit..YEAH! :-) or should I say 'Woot' :-P

Hubby is down 14lbs as well and is finding his slimmer self to be pretty cool! I have quite a bit more to go, as hubby only has 7 more lbs. he wants to lose...yeah...I would LOVE to only have 7lbs to lose, but I guess I cannot complain since I have lost 50lbs so far! One lb. at a time is all I ask..hehe

Off to Church tomorrow and some lawn mowing and general house cleaning. I have fights coming up again on the 19th of July and it is rumored that STEPHAN 'American Psycho' BONNER will be there...he is a BIG UFC Pro Fighter and I am STOKED! hehehehahaha...the giggling just doesn't stop for me when I think about getting to meet him...saweeeet! ;-) I will def. post a photo of my meeting with him as well as my one with Kaycey 'Ice Cold' Uscola from the Ultimate Fighter. IF you are a UFC fan you KNOW how big that is..hehe

Anywho...gotta get some food on the table for the hubby and kidlets...
Blessings to all of you!

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The Williamson Clan said...

50 lbs! That is incredible...You are awesome!