Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1st Day School Report

Well, today went off pretty good considering all things I guess.

Demi and Kai made their bus, even though it was EARLY...:-)

Hunter made it out the door with all school supplies and the correct bus was ridden (I swear we have 50 in our subdivision....3 different buses stop at our bus stop alone..)

All kids left without a hitch, supplies were sent and kids were fed, cleaned, dressed etc.

What we did NOT do:

Demi forgot to turn in her papers she needed to

Hunter left without his ID card that is like a mini drivers license and allows you to pay for lunch etc.

This all was managed by me with a MASSIVE headache and aching body. After all kids leave, I come upstairs and log in to check emails, pay lunch $$ for Hunter and call the school to see if it is needed that I bring his ID card to school.

I got a reprieve and had mostly junk mail, Hunter could live one day without his ID card and papers can be turned in tomorrow.

I laid down on the bed for about 35 minutes until Nikaya wakes up. She and I venture back downstairs for food and both of us collapse on the couch to watch cartoons. I doze, Nikaya gets her pillow and dozes and wakes up with a RAGING fever. She tells me she is hungry and wants cereal with her medicine...1 bite down and it all came back up again along with tears and more headache complaints from me AND the 4 yo.....We clean Nik up, lay back on the couch to stare at the walls...Good Times! ;-) As my friend Ange would add-Job Security...aint it great?!

Kids are all home, Hunter has a class item that needs done (get to know your rule book type thing) and the other kids are home work free for today...whew.

Demi has to turn in her papers tomorrow, Hunter MUST leave all school supplies in his locker (a thought that freaks him out and he would prefer to carry 500lbs of items in his back pack instead) The thought of having to remember a combination is so beyond his range of normalcy that he is refusing to conform..hehe

Dinner is on to steam (potato bar for us with leftovers!!)

Tomorrow we will begin again and hopefullyI will be on top of it instead of half way under it...

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