Friday, August 29, 2008

A Sour Cream Day

Ok..I have to write about a funny that happened the other night.

Tuesday Curt comes home kind of grumpy. He had one of 'those days' at work, where you deal with adults who act like children, money issues that were dogging him etc. He was just a bubbling cauldron of grump that so wanted to overflow.

I was standing next to him finishing up dinner so we could eat, bathe kids etc and I could go to a meeting with Fighters and the Promoters of the next show I was doing.

Curt was about 1 foot from me, telling me about his day while finishing up his serving of potatoes etc. He reached for the sour cream and I told him I had already put some on his so he didn't need to. In his reach to return the sour cream to the counter, it fell....sour cream container- open, landed flat on its bottom on the ground in between the two of us, splattering Curt all the way up his body from his legs to the ceiling...COMPLETELY MISSING ME and COVERING HIM from head to toe....hehehe. He then looked at me and said "Do you SEE what kind of day I am having??" To which I, the loving and dutiful wife replied with a hardy giggle, as well as the kids doing the same.

Hard for him to be to mad when he is covered in sour cream and we are all laughing at him. :-P

He lightened up deciding that the good Lord had gotten a laugh at his expense showing him that life can be a little screwy sometimes, but you have to laugh at yourself!

Now, we use the term 'sour cream day' to explain if we are having a crappy day :-)

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