Saturday, August 23, 2008

Were Jumping Here

A few new things are going on around here.

1. I have fights coming up Sept. 5th at the Speedway and 27th at Qwest...should be a blast.
2. Have first Choir practice coming up , but think I have a fighter meeting the same night....gotta work that out...hehe At least my church knows what I do so they will understand when I say "I cannot come to first practice this time because I have to meet with a bunch of sweaty guys who want to punch each other"...hehe
3. Took Demi today to meet an old Friend of mine that runs a Modeling agency. She is anxious to have someone like Demi, with an exotic look, dark chocolate skin etc.
We are having my dad try his hand at taking head shots of her tomorrow and then we give them to the agency to put up on the web for people to book from. They are anxious to give her a class and get her ready for a fashion show in Oct. Should be fun as we see how she does in front of the crowds and cameras flashing at her from every angle.

Gotta run for now....peace to everyone

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