Monday, August 18, 2008

School Soon...

I have mixed feelings about school starting in a couple of days (Aug.20th to be exact). I always find that the rush of life, homework, activities etc. keeps us hopping around all over the place. I also find I like it because it jogs us out of our summer lazy and gets us back on a schedule.
In the summer, kids will go to bed anytime between 11-12 midnight....we are night owls for sure.
When school is in, we have Demi and the Littles (the nickname for Kai and Nikaya) go to bed at 9pm and Hunter to bed at 9:30pm.
Demi and Kai get up at 6:30am for the bus which arrives about 7:15am, school starts at 7:55 and is out at 3:00pm.
Hunter will be on a different schedule now that he is entering Middle, I cannot believe I wrote that word down....yikes! His bus will come at 7:50am, school begins at 8:30 and is out at 3:45.
Any activities we do must be done between dinner, homework, reading gets our groove on though, that is for sure!

I have joined our Church Choir and will begin practice next Tuesday. I have not sung in a choir since High school, so it has been just about 5 years...hehe...made ya think huh??!! It has actually been 18 years since I sang in a choir, and I have NEVER sang in a church involved in the church element for me in the past. I am anxious to get going and see where it goes...very exciting.

Went school shoe shopping the other day for the oldest three. Hunter is now wearing a MEN'S size 7 sneaker, Demi is in a WOMAN'S size 5.5/6 and Kai is in BOYS size 3. I about freaked when I saw Hunters shoe size...Curt only wears a 9.5 in Hunter going to pass him?? :-)
The kids are growing so fast it amazes me...sometimes it seems like yesterday that they all came home, needed food around for a constant promise that it would always be there, and hugs were looked at as fairly alien...we are a huggy/kissy family...much to the chagrin of the kids when they first come home...hehe now you would never know it was foreign to them.

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Amy said...

I can't WAIT for school to start!!!! Wait, that means help with homework...hmmm...well, that also means kids out of my hair for 5-6 hours a day. I'll take it!

Yeah, SHOES. Don't get me started! Jolie is a half size smaller than me and she is 8!!!! I wear an 8! We're getting her into track and field this year...heh, heh, heh. =) Olympics are good for at least that promotion!

Awesome that you are singing in the choir! I doubt they'd let me in. My "gifts" are elsewhere. ;) Where? I don't know, but definitely elsewhere.