Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Job Search

I have been nervous as possible lately. First, I applied with the local bus company to drive bus for them....applied for the special ed bus due to my sign language skills and past experience with handicapped (no jokes about the short bu and driving it as opposed to riding it..hehe) After I applied I found out they have 4 people without routes they have already hired so my chances are slim to none right now.... :-(
I am going this week to apply for a job thru the school that I am going into with recommendations from the school my kids go to because they know me so well, but it isn't up to them if I get the job or not.
The position is for Nurse Assistant to work at 5 or so schools in the District helping out the main nurse. Good thing is I have medical training so I hope I have a good chance...say your prayers for me that I get it...I will let you know.

It is weird looking for work when I have been out of the job pool for so long. I worked for Adoption Agencies for years, but it was always from home with occasional trips to the office every few months....mostly on my own. To now go out to search and be in the public all the time is strange. I have worked in adoption since 1998 so any job before that they will not remember me and had I left work in 1996 to get ready for the baby we were adopting...which actually took 18 months and ended being Hunter, a totally different child than we started out adopting...God works in mysterious ways. Even so, I was out of the typical 'job market' since 1996....scary prospect going back in, but it is necessary! I told Curt I hate to get my hopes up for anything since it makes me feel rejected...I take everything personal I think...hehe

Pray for the opportunities and for God to show his plan to me if possible.

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Sherry said...

I will be praying for your job prospects Leanne. Sorry I have been absent from your blog for a few months...crazy mad summer.