Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am extremely sore today.
2 Days ago I woke up with quite a headache. My gums were swollen on the right side on the top and the bottom. I assumed I had something in my teeth, flossed extra and tried to go on. My headache never went away so I popped Ibuprofen pills like there was not tomorrow.
Today I woke up and the headache was worse and my jaw was swollen. I tried flossing again and took a good look at my tooth and saw a crack running thru it that was not supposed to be there...I thought about trying to hold off until Thursday PM, when the kids and I are scheduled for our regular appointment for cleaning, but the swelling had me worried and the pain was now getting worse.
I called and they got me in today at 9am...x-rays showed a lovely broken molar on the right side of my mouth...CRAPTACULAR! Good news-No root canal needed since the break was far enough away from the root of the tooth! Bad news-I need to have a crown which costs $400 for my portion...YIKES..I don't HAVE $400 I can give them. They managed to numb me (EEKKK...needles) and removed the broken piece and fill it in with filling material....good to get me thru for a while...whew! :-)
I am off to take more Ibuprofen to help with the pain of my jacked up gums and try to find something to make for dinner that the family likes and I can eat!


Amy said...


Sending prayers for healing and for the pain to go away!


ange said...

soup is always good, lots of broth little noodles :)
sorry! praying for you and your gums and that silly broken tooth. Did you break it opening a bottle???

Angela said...

What a drag! I'm so sorry you are in pain. Praying God will heal you and be with you.

Much Love,

PS- I just want to tell you how grateful I am for the great advice you have been sharing with me!!!