Friday, September 12, 2008

Fight Pic's and a Haha Story

Me with my friend Jen, who helps out with my supplies, and Doc Rohm our new Fight Doctor...we have a blast..ALWAYS! :-)

I have to tell ya a funny story about the pictures below. Last fight in July, the Ref and I made a call that NO ONE liked. This poor fella was hit in the chin 2 times before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fell to the ground. He recovered pretty quickly, but he was not 'with it' so the Ref called the fight. His corner erupted into yelling telling the Ref and Judges to let the Medical Team look at him. I already was pretty sure of what my answer would be, but gave the kid the benefit of the doubt and went to him. After taking one look in his rolling eyes I agreed with the Ref and called it for sure...the crowd started yelling and screaming and booing. I giggled since I have been booed by about 6,000 people before, so the crowd of about 1000 was nothing...hehe
Low and behold everyone was telling me "he slipped, you are penalizing him for slipping.." I explained that I SAW what happened and that was NOT a slip....the call stood. I became a very popular person that day and gained MANY new names for myself that cannot be put in print..haha
Well, the 2 pic's below are from the fight I did on Sept. 5th. The kid fought again and made it to the 2nd round. He got hit on the chin button again and fell like a log...totally unconscious. I got into the cage and woke him up. When he came to, I looked him and his corner guy in the face and said "____can you hear me?
"Yes." he replied...
"____, DID YOU SLIP?"
Anyone in earshot busted out laughing, including the Doc who said he could NOT believe I just asked him that...hehe...I was on a roll that night! ;-) Corner guys started laughing and hugged me afterward and said they thought I was pretty OK...another fan..what ever shall I do?!
Here it is for your enjoyment (please, ignore the wonderful shot of my hiney!!!!)

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Amy said...

If I needed medical attention, I would HOPE for you to be at my side to put a comical perspective on things! ;) That totally sounds like you!