Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Got A JOB!!!

OK.. This post may ramble, be totally incoherent etc so please bare with me!

I got a J.O.B. I have not (other than working from home with adoptions) had a job outside the home since 1996...YIKES!

First let me tell you about yesterday.
I met the boss, Hugh, yesterday for an interview. I was so freaked out....I think I did OK in the interview, but I will be the only woman in the whole office. Not a big deal, since I think that offices full of women can be catty at times...hehe and the boss thinks it is crazy that I get into a cage full of fighters :-) During the interview he told me that the hours would be 9-4:30pm i thought I would vomit on his desk...what about my babies? Who would watch my babies? I have never had any of them in daycare...EVER.....I came home and had a good cry..searching for the good in the situation listing the pros and cons (the OCD side of me came out big time) hehe

Today I ran around looking at the ONLY daycare I would consider putting Nik in, a church daycare where my Grandparents attend. They Will have an opening the end of the month when a child moves, so I lucked out there! Until then, my awesome Aunt Pam is going to watch Nik during the day until the daycare is ready for her.
I went to the local YMCA and petitioned for reduced fees so I could afford to send Kai, Demi and Hunter there to the after school program on the bus that leaves their school everyday....managed to qualify for 40% discount...PRAISE GOD...all kids will be taken care of.
One final thing was to talk to the new boss and explain the 1 day a month for Teacher Collaboration that I would need off. He was good to me and said we would work on what is needed...1 or 2 days a month was nothing in the long run. YES..GOD IS GOOD TO ME AGAIN!

I am 50% excited, 50% frightened out of my mind and looking forward to my new start date of Sept. 16th @ 9am....Pray for me as I leave the kids, something that I have not had to do before and thank you for the prayers so far in help getting a new job!


Angela said...

What a VERY lucky place to get to hang out with you... don't you forget that part! Congratulations sweety. I hope it all works out beautifully for you

Amy said...

Great news! I love it when God works out all the crazy details! congratulations!


ange said...

Woman what will you be doing??? Praying for peace for you! It is all coming together, God is good like that isn't he!
love you