Friday, September 19, 2008

My New Life

Well, my first week of work went well...I didn't set fire to anything, get fired or embarrass myself TO much!
The office is pretty laid back. Where else can you be the Front Office Manager and wear T-shirts, shorts and sandals??? I answer phones, learning to invoice, do accounts payable and accounts receivable. I think I have it MOST of the way down, although it gets jumbled and I have to look at my notes sometimes. Sometimes I find that I skipped a step...oops...but I find my way back pretty good and fix it.

I have been stressed with so much to do. I feel so rushed, my day looks like so:

6am shower and get ready for work (pull myself together)
6:30am Kai and Demi up for school
Make breakfast
comb girl hair and lotion bodies if needed
make sure all homework is is bags etc (usually done night before to be more efficient)
I eat breakfast and make my lunch
7am: Hunter and Nikaya up
Hunter showers while I make breakfast for them
7:10 Kai and Demi on bus
7:15 Hunter meanders down and eats breakfast and gets lotioned, dressed etc.
Nikaya is usually done so I get her dressed and washed, lotioned etc. for the day.
Make lunch for Curt
7:45am Hunter on bus
Until 8:15 Nikaya watches cartoons while I clean up the kitchen, open curtains, potty the dog etc.
8:15 Nikaya to Alice's. Alice is our new daycare lady...SHE IS WONDERFUL! She is down the road, went to school with my dad (stepdad) and has kids from the school as well as Teachers kids...Nik fits in well there. She has a big Noah's Ark in the yard with slides for the kids to play on. Nikaya calls it a Pirate ship and says "aarrgghh" every time she sees it..hehe

I have to be to work by 9am and get off somewhere between 4-4:45pm. I then rush to get Nikaya and the kids at the Y so we can be ready of we have evening activities.
Mon-Demi Choir
Tues-Mom Choir
Sun: Church and Choir

WHEW...I am glad it is the weekend!!!

Older kids are enjoying the YMCA. We were able to get a membership so the kids could go after school and then Nikaya could go and play while I work out. I have had my first meeting with the Trainer in the Wellness For Life program so I am hoping to get going in the next couple of weeks. I try to fit this in on days that we don't have anything after school and work or if the kids want to spend a little more time playing there.

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Sherry said...

I am so glad you found a job and that you LIKE it! Yay!!