Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Scary Stuff For Me

Lately I have been doing some scary things in my life.
1. I have joined a church and attended regularly
2. I have now joined the choir....had the first practice last night and just realizing that I would be sitting in the front row in front of all the other people kind of freaked me out.
3. I have applied for a job as the Nurse Assistant at the school District my kids go to.

Not that these things are all around scary for most, but they frighten me alot.
I have never been to involved in a church...liked going, but was never regular, let alone joining a choir...if you join the choir it means commitment...
Alot of people have jobs...I have not had a job outside of the home (other than doing adoptions from home) since 1996...yep, 12 years.....scary prospect of putting myself out there for rejection is very mind blowing for me.

Other Stuff:
Took Nikaya to get tested for Preschool since I was concerned about some of her learning, or lack there of. So far it looks like she has qualified for Pre K based on low scoring in concepts. This means that she has difficulty processing different concepts like colors, shapes, telling you if things are in front of, behind or on an object. This does not surprise me since I had already been quizzing her on my own.
I am not sure how quickly she will pick things up. She is pretty quick with most things, English came pretty easily, but as the Preschool Teacher said, we are dealing with 18 months of her life in a home that was probably not stable, and life in an orphanage until she came home at 2.8 years old. At the age when most kids are getting the proper nutrition to wire their brains the correct way, stimulation to fulfill that wiring and proper diet to help out, she was lacking in all of those things. Now, don't get me wrong. The Orphanage that Nikaya was at was AMAZING...however, it is still an orphanage. Her Birth family LOVED her tremendously, however they still could not feed her or teach her things they themselves did not have or know.
I have felt pretty lucky to have 4 amazing children and not many long term effects of their prior life in Haiti. I do know that it is something we have planned for in case, knowing there is never a promise how a child will do once they are home...unknown genetics, no health care prior to orphanage life, lower stimulation etc.
It is just nice to get some beginning answers from someone and not thinking it is all in MY head that she needs help! ;-)
Over the next couple of months, they will test Nik some more and let me know what she needs more in depth, and when she can start Pre K....I will definitely have to post a photo of her first day on the beloved school bus (her favorite part of the prospect of school) here!

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Sherry said...

I know what you mean with the scary why did I agree to be an AWANA director with an age group of kids I just have never been comfortable with? Or the job thing. I have already experienced the rejection. I am old (41 is knocking) and havent held a job outside the home since the very early 90's...even then I was able to take my kids with me as the job was very low key.

Now, I can't find a job I am interested in that will actually hire me! I was thinking about doing childcare, but I JUST got my last one out of the house! hahaha Sewing diapers is fun, but I don't make enough for it to be more than a hobby, and to be frank, I just never planned to do it forever.

Anyway, enough of my rambling...just wanted to let you know I am praying for you and you aren't alone!