Monday, September 22, 2008

Last Fight Night..No Surrender

Here are some pic's from the last fight I did. I have another one coming up this Sat. night...the big ones i do at the Qwest Arena.

Here is one of my guys getting off the ground.

Here is my friend Jen, Me and the Ring Hotties. She was soooo mad I had us get our pic taken with them...she just knew we would look huge next to their skinniness...hehe Not bad if ya ask me! ;-)

This guy was 6'9"...1" shy of being 2 feet taller than me. Whenever I check him I needed a stool...hehe
He asked me how tall I was and I told him "FUN SIZE!"

One of my guys with a broken nose and concussion...he gave his all and I had to call the fight. His corner guy threw in the towel as well...he would NOT tap.

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