Friday, June 09, 2006

Just a Post

I thought I would take amoment to post since I am up. It is 1am my time and I haven't gone to bed yet.
I have alot of things on my mind, big things that don't allow sleep to come.
I have the following prayers:

My children home from Haiti
Everyone's children home from Haiti
Safety and protection for our friends in Haiti
Haiti's government and new IBESR appointment (I pray about this alot!)
Financial respite as we adjust to Curt's new job, which will take him to new heights of managership where he wants to be.
Safety for the troops over seas
Safety for our Missionary friends oversees
Faith to hear and follow what the Lord is telling us to do wether we can see the bigger picture or not right now and wether we feel supported or not by the people around us.
Prayers for those around us that do not have a belief at all, and that they may feel our prayers for them

Gotta try and sleep...
Good night and God Bless



praying for you and all of these things my friend, get some rest and let God take care of it all, he has it all under control

Kim said...

I have these same prayers, I am praying for you and all these things my friend. Sleep is not coming very easily for me these days. I know there will be a day not too far ahead where we will both feel whole again and a good night's sleep will return. Love you,

B E C K Y said...

I can relate. This second time around is different in many ways and the same in others. I look forward to that day when all my children are home with me and I can finally rest.

The Haiti Lady said...


Who are you adopting thru?

B E C K Y said...

Our first adoption was through BRESMA and our current is through Foyer de Sion. I believe you are the same HaitiLady I know on the NW e-mail group, right?

The Haiti Lady said...

Yes I am, that is who I thought you were! ;-)