Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Fun

Today was a good day for summer fun. We started the day at the park for lunch and spent the afternoon at the pool. Below are some pic's of the kids with their good friends Zach and Annie.

Hunter being the pro back floater.

Hunter and Demi Roo with Zach and Annie

Demi Roo on the slide!

Demi Roo and her friend Annie.

Hunter enjoying lunch at the park!



AW MAN I miss the park days with you guys! Looks like the kids are doing well.

Kim said...

Wow you sure jumped into summer in a fun way!! The kids are so cute!!

The Haiti Lady said...

We had to jump...we have Texas heat in Idaho....93* yesterday. WHEW! ;-)
Everyone had a blast. Demi Roo slathered sunscreen on me after I did them and I didn't even burn as bad as usual....maybe someday I will get a tan...an irish tan! ;-)