Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Blessing

I wanted to post a quick praise for Hunter's Karate Teacher. Hunter takes Muay Thai kickboxing (which is not a cheap sport!). He is now a Kids Blue Belt and breaks boards with his feet!!
Anyway, we have had some financial issues as of late and thought that we would have to take some time off of karate until we could afford to start up again. When I discussed this with Hunter's karate teacher Mr. Chris (who is a wonderful Christian man) he said he would forgo being paid for now if I did odd jobs for him around the dojo (filing papers, copies, stuffing envelopes etc.) I said yes and officially started my payoff to him during class yesterday!

He is a wonderful man!

I love when the blessings come up from behind and just slap ya upside the head!!! ;-)


Kim said...

YAY God!!!!


LeAnne that rocks, but I think what God is doing in YOUR life is even cooler. You have grown so much in the last 4 years I have known you, YOU ROCK SQUIRT.
love you