Friday, June 16, 2006

My Beliefs

My beliefs in the Lord are changing. I guess I shouldn't say changing, as much as I should say that they are being strengthened.
I have never been an outwardly religious person. I was always raised with the belief that a person's religion is a private matter and no ones business but their own.
Well, I have been reading from a wonderful website called "The Way of the Master" at It is a site that teaches people to share their beliefs to non believers. It uses 2 people, Ray Comfort and the ever cute Kirk Cameron. I was very skeptical at first....what does Mike Seever know about God and how is he going to show me anything. Well his testimony touched me and I have been reading their web site, signed up for the newsletter and listening to the free lessons they have on their site. I am currenlty listening to one called "Soundly Saved".
Now, I am not a dumb person, but it puts the scripture into real life situations that I can relate to. I like watching them witness to many people on the street and put the 10 commandments into a way that everyone can uderstand how sinful we really are and the price that has been paid for us by Jesus Christ. It may just give me the courage to some day approach the people I know in my life that have no beliefs...we will see! :-)
Until then, I will strengthen my own faith and work on my family first!!!

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