Thursday, June 29, 2006


Ok. I have to share good news. My hubby plays no money poker on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It involves no money to play but you get a chance to win prizes and a possible chance to play in Vegas with the pro's if you are good enough.
WELL.....Curt beat out 200 other people Tuesday night at the tournament finals and placed in the top 10. He plays Saturday and if he beats the 39 other people he is playing, he gets an ALL expense paid trip to the televised World Poker Series in Las Vegas in August!!! He is so excited. He doesn't gamble really, but loves to play poker on line and in person for fun.
IF he were to go to Vegas, the top 250 people there win $10,000. IF he were to win the big table, he is up for $9 Million.....YES, MILLION!!! Steak at the orphanage every night for ever I say! ;-)
He is excited...keep the prayers coming..he could use them.

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