Wednesday, June 14, 2006

No Real Reason To Post

Well, we are surviving summer so far. Birthday parties are abounding and swimming is going on and now Demi Roo has another Cheer event to do Thursday PM. She LOVES to that a word? Anyway, we have been staying busy.

I have several families thru Heritage, about 11 I believe with 2 more signing on...I am so glad I have Amy to help me or I think I would be insane. She is still threatening to move to Spain in a year...I have to see what I can do to stop that in its tracks right now! If she does, I have to find someone else who has the heart she and I do to help me with the family bulk that we are getting. I love having so many families, it is just easier though with someone in the office with the same heart for Haiti that I have that has been there done that and can help families like we can. The more families at Heritage means more chidren home which means more children into NLL and to safety and good food, clean water and a bed to sleep in.

I love the calling that I have been given, it is better than being the stork! ;-)

Enough for tonight, since I really have no reason to post other than to blabber away!

Good night and God Bless!

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