Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday with the Family

Today was a nice lazy day with the family. We spent the afternoon doing things around the house and the evening watching a movie.
We try to allow each child to pick out a movie, either one we own or one we rent, and sit as a family and have a movie night.
Well, since we are broke, it has given us even more time to do nothing much outside the house and more movie nights together...a good thing from a crappy situation! ;-)
Saturday Hunter picked Zathura. Great movie and the kids enjoyed it. A lot of funny parts for adults and kids.
Tonight was Freaky Friday's, Demi Roo's choice. This is the newer one with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lynday Lohan (before her eating disorder..hehehe)
Anyway, we have all seen it before but it was just as fun to see again. We danced around afterwards to the song they sing over the credits, the kids love to do that. Friday Curtis and I picked and we watched Shrek, another fun one to dance to with the Shrek dance party at the end. I know we sound weird, but it was a great time that I hope our children remember when they get older.
We hope as our children grow that they remember the fun times and that they don't realize we are broke etc... I want to be the grandma that has the grandkids over every weekend and spoils them rotten having sleep overs and dance parties with them as well.
Well, off to get the kids in bed and to lay down and read until I pass out...another good weekend at home with the family!

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