Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today was an exciting day for us. About 4pm they began broadcasting a tornado warning for our county and outerlying area.
The kids and I turned off the computers and the tv's (except for one to watch the progression of the storm) and sat on the couch listening to and watching the thunder and lightening. We had hail a little smaller than a golf ball beating down on the house and windows.
I was proud that I kept my cool during all of this considering it isn't the usual weather patterns for Idaho...this is why I have never lived near tornado or hurricane ladden cities...I am a chicken with a capital "C".
We loved watching the storm and hearing the phone ring repeatedly. We never answered until afterwards due to the lightening and Hunter's fear the phone would blow up! ;-)
It was our friend Tracey down the road. She cracks me up...her children, along with 2 neighborhood kids at her house, will forever need therapy (she stuffed them all in the closet and put pillows over them). HEHEHE
The storm passed and no one is the worse for wear here, I am interested to see the nightly news to see what damage was brought on by the storm.
Here's hoping and wishing a calmer day for all of you....now we are off to karate!

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Kim said...

Wow a tornado, I haven't seen that kind of big hail since I lived in Texas where it would actually dent your car, no offense Ange but I was HAPPY to leave Texas, although that was a BAD season in my life so who knows maybe if I went back, hmmmm nah, I don't think so.
Make sure you tie the kids down and enjoy the cool thunderstorms, I always love those.