Friday, January 18, 2008

Just Stuff

Last night was pretty fun. I was asked to come help out at some local High School Boxing. I have never watched Boxing in real life so I was pretty nervous about being over cautious, under cautious etc. I had a blast. They even had girl fights....WHOA. I mean, they have MMA fighter chicks, but you usually don't see them all that often outside of training and a few fights here and there.
There was 17 fights total. 6 were local College kids and the rest were High School kids. My friends Ken and Shelia's son Craig fought for the first time. He did good. He said he was bummed he didn't win fighter of the night but I told him he definitely won the 'fighter who bled the most in My corner' award! ;-P I will see if he will let me post a pic. of him when he was finished....saweet...hehe

I am looking forward to the next CCF cage fights at Qwest arena. Should be fun since they are putting together an awesome fight card. Hopefully not to many fighters to pre check, but hey....they put on a good show.

I had a conversation with a Pastor I know before the high school fights. One of the kids fighting was from his church and the kid asked him to come as his corner man...thought that was pretty cool. He and I talked over how boxing is so much of a better sport than MMA. He feels that MMA is brutal and boxing is more skill. I asked him if he would ever get in the ring to MMA fight anyone, to which he replied a loud "NO WAY!" Hey, either way you are getting in a ring or cage to beat the crap out of another human....both sports are brutal if you ask me...some of us just like to watch it for the heck of it. :-P We agreed to meet in the middle with that answer. By the end of the night, 1 knockout and several bloody noses, we decided that both are bloody and definitely not one we would ever do ourselves.

My brother Eric and I always tease about what our fighter names would be should we ever be dumb enough to fight. I think I may be LeAnne The Terminator" (my mom's idea, since I can stop your fight anytime I darn well want to...hehe) Eric I believe should be Eric "The Q-Tip" or Eric "Cue Ball" since he shaves his head and has no neck and a body builders body. He is not sure what his fight song would be (this is important since it is used to intimidate the other fighter). Mine "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool or "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed...both equally angry and scary.hehe
This last fight we did, the Dr. we had helping us decided that since he is a pacifist and a wimp that his name would be "Devin "The Panty Waist" and his music would be ANYTHING by Michael Bolton. :-P We laughed long and hard at that one!

Well, off to rest before 1 basketball game for Hunter, 1 practice and game for Kai and cheer for Demi....all before noon tomorrow! YIKES!

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