Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Night With SIL

I had a pretty good evening last night. Unfortunately it started off with the viewing of my Hubbies Great Grandmother Cara Noland. Wonderful woman who lived to the ripe age of 99 years old. She lived on her own until the end of September of this last year BY want to be that spunky when I am her age. ;-)
She passed December 30, 2007. She had been ill and was just tired and ready to go to Heaven for her long awaited reward. We are all sad for us to see her go, but know that she is up there watching out for all of us. I was very excited that in her lifetime she was able to see and do so many things, and that our children all got to meet her while she was still here. GOODBYE Grandma Noland, you will be missed!!!

After the viewing we came home and had a quick dinner. I had been invited out to a movie with my SIL Steph (who was only going to the funeral today and not the viewing since she had already gone over and done grandma's hair). I decided I had time and wanted to help cheer Steph up so we headed out for dinner for her and dessert for me. After visiting for a while we went to see a wonderful movie....'P.S. I Love You'. WOW....I am a HUGE fan of 'The Notebook' and LOVED this movie as well. Sad, funny, and romantic all in one. I know it is the typical 'chic' flick, but was a great one to watch. It has Hilary Swank (who kind of has horse face....), Harry Connick Jr (who is a cutie) and some Irish guy....he was a hottie..hehe
I don't want to give the whole story away, but Hilary Swank and the Irish guy are married and he dies young of a brain tumor. He had arranged for her to receive letters from him for about 1-2 years AFTER his death. All the letters arrive different ways, talk about different things from their marriage and make her relive their dating life all to help her learn to live without him. Sweet story. A definite MUST SEE!

It was great getting out with Steph and seeing a show. Usually our nights end up as horror pictures and double features until midnight. We got a late start and only saw one film, but it was long enough that I still didn't make it home until almost 1am.
Not good for my insomnia as I laid there in bed until 3:30am trying desperately to sleep. Made me think of my friend Ange's blog (Schneiderville Chaos) and her insomnia and I started giggling...I was trying so hard not to wake up Curtis that I had to get out of bed and go downstairs to giggle a little before returning to finally sleep. THANKS FOR THE LAUGH ANGE!!!
Blessings all around!

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ange said...

I am so glad that someone enjoys my middle of the night ramblings. I was trapped this morning from 3 to 5:30 between Trae and MaeLynne. It was so cold, but Mames wasn't quite asleep so I couldn't get up and prowl without her so I laid there, listening for the clock to chime the next half hour.......