Friday, January 11, 2008

Wonderful News

Well, it is hard to know if you should post some things, but I am just bursting and need to say it out loud.

Hunter came home at 2 months of age, back when adoptions from Haiti were easier....MUCH easier. The hope of getting an infant from Haiti is a thing of the past. Hunter's Bfather came to the NLL office quite often to pick up photos and update letters we sent, probably until Hunter was 4 years old....then suddenly he stopped coming. I talked to Dr. Bernard about it and for years he always reminded me how tough Haiti is, that his Bfather was ill and had probably passed, never to be heard from on this Earth again. This was sad for me, a man that I loved that I didn't really even know. He gave such a blessing to us in the form of a son, that there was no amount of thank you I could ever say to be a sufficient thank you.

We continued all this time to send photos to Dr. Bernard and extras for IBESR and some for his file..."should Louis ever come looking"....we always said. Dr. B would smile and remind me that Haiti was Haiti and that Louis was gone. In an argument (I use the term loosely since every conversation in Haiti sounds like an argument..hehe) I stated that I wanted to believe that Louis was somewhere in Haiti living his life the best he could and was just fine. Dr. B would shook his head and smile at me as he walked away, knowing much more than I ever wanted to admit.

During our adoption of Kai we took the time to see if Kai or Demi had any siblings that were available for adoption before we were open to being referred another child....just to possibly keep siblings together. It came to be that during this time Hunter began to realize that he was probably the only one of his Birth family that had survived Haiti and had a chance. This was so hard for him. We held him as he cried and mourned family that he never had a chance to know and never would know...a sadness that I truly could not understand but deeply wanted to.

Today I got an email from Dr. B. It said the following: "You will never guess who Claudette and I ran into, Hunter's Birth father..."
WHAT? My mind was racing.....could it really be? I had tears streaming down my face as I called my hubby to tell him...LOUIS IS ALIVE!!! We decided to tell Hunter tonight our news that we had received.

We set Hunter down and talked to him, the look on his face. The confusion, the happiness, the sadness, the What much for a 10 year old to digest.
We talked about what him being alive to Haiti, info. about his Bmother and Birth siblings, someone to write to that was a biological link to the end of the conversation Hunter said he would LOVE to write letters to him, take photos to send.

We explained to Hunter that it does NOT hurt us that he wants a relationship with his Haiti father, and does not make us upset if he does is his choice. I hope and pray that he can make a relationship with him that makes him happy, and that he does it for himself, not us or anyone else...but himself.

Praise God, Louis is alive...I love the sound of that!


ange said...

Oh LeAnne I know what an answer to prayer this is, WOO HOO, I am so excited for all of you, especially Hunter. What an amazing thing!!!!

The Williamson Clan said...

That is SO awesome! I'm so happy for your family. I know people sometimes assume that it is harder with the birth family being alive, but we find it extra special. The girls are blessed to have two sets of parents who love and care for them. Praise God for Louis. :)

Amy said...

Wow, that is so great!!! God is full of surprises!!


Mel said...

I just stumbled on your blog and am thankful because my husband and I desperately want to adopt from Haiti. Your story made me cry! It's a small world, because I spoke to Dr.B last night on the phone. It was the first time I have ever gotten through on a phone line. I think he probably thought I was a little crazy. I would love to be able to chat with you sometime. I have read tons online but have much more to learn about the process. I am only 30, my husband is 33, we've been married 6 years (not 10) and have three bio children. Do you think we have a chance right now? We have not started the process yet.

Mel said...

My email address is:
If you have time to give me tips, I would greatly appreciate it.