Thursday, January 31, 2008

Temporary Reprieve

There has been a temporary reprieve from the ski night bus trip to the mountain. It is supposed to be re-scheduled for a later date.
Kids are back at school today, but roads and weather are still horrible! We shall see if we will go ahead and have Bball practice tonight or if it is cabin fever night least LOST is on tonight!!! ;-)


Angela said...

LOST, LOST, LOST!!!!! WOOO HOOOOOO!!!! It's about time it comes back on. It's the only show that has us hooked.

Me and the kids are getting ready to tranform our living room into an island to surprise my husband with tonight. We are going to throw a little party. Kids are being set up with movies and snacks in another room to avoid even a second of interuptions.

Too bad we don't live closer so we could have a premier party together!!

Angela said...

Well? Did you LOVE LOST? It's the saddest thing when it's over. :(

The Haiti Lady said...

I LOVED it! WHo was in the cabin????I KNOW it has to be John Locke and Jack's dad!!! hehe

Angela said...

Okay, Need you to make another post so that I don't have to comment over and over on the same one. ;)

Please see my blog for details.

Love ya,