Friday, January 04, 2008

My Day

I thought I would write about my is a good therapy and many may get a laugh off of me...therapy for them. :-P

I got up late but was able to get the kids off to school on time...PTL!

Went and did a few errands that needed done...finally...

I went to Wal-Mart (never smart after the Holiday's and to bring a 3 year old) and waited in line for 25 minutes to complete a money gram bill payment. I got to the front of the line only to realize that I did not have all the info. needed for the transaction. The gal was nice enough to tell me that if I filled it out and brought it right back they would let me just walk in a do it.THANK YOU!!! So, I go out to the car in the middle of the rainstorm with Nikaya, fill out what I need on the form and truck back into the store. I waited until a spot opened up and the same gal saw me. She motioned me forward.....PEOPLE BOO'ED ME....can you believe it?! I was actually Boo'ed at the, that is a new low for me. hehe

Then I went to this little store I pass quite often and stopped to see what they had. I bought a coat rack that I have been needing since no one seems to get the coats in the coat closet in the kitchen and it really isn't in a convenient spot anyway.
I got home and put the coat rack back together (the guy at the store took it apart so it would fit in the mini-van). I was so excited that I hung the kids sweathshirts on it and BAM.....stupid thing fell half....right where the guy had separated it. I figured that I am not the most mechanical person, yes, it is a coat rack...but it may be a difficult one...So I try again, making sure that all the nuts and bolts were tightened. Low and behold the stupid thing fell over AGAIN! I put it aside deciding to wait for hubby to get home and fix it since it was really beginning to tick me off.

Kids came home from school and I decided to start on dinner. I put some things in the microwave oven to cook and I sat down to help with homework. Kai decided to use the ENTIRE glue stick for one piece of paper.....nice....
After we were done with, not completed, but done, I decided to start with dinner again.
I went back to the microwave and opened it to get the hamburger out. The door didn't close all the way so I pushed it bounced back....push it again....another bounce. Finally I slammed it pretty bounced back and smacked me in the top of the head leaving a HUGE mark on my forehead.....OUCH! I was ready to just cry, just the straw that broke the camels back man....Demi looks at me and says "man mom, that looked like it hurt. I heard it clear over here at the table. Do you know you have a big red mark on your head?"
That was it. I went into the bathroom and just cried. It was more like a pitiful giggle-cry, the kind where you want to laugh at your circumstances but want to pout and be angry all wrapped up into one.
I sat there, listening to the kids talking and doing homework and coloring, the cat digging at the bottom of the door so she could get to me, and waiting for my sanity (Curtis) to get home and save me.

So, I have recouped and can now laugh at the mark on my forehead even though it looks like a third eyeball, dinner was edible, Curtis is fixing the 'new' coat rack for me and life will go on.

Go ahead...laugh and enjoy and remember......maybe your day was bad...but do YOU have a third eyeball?


ange said...

no third eye ball but laughing!!! oh girl let it out, giggle, wet yourself, whatever you need to do to survive the day like that! booed at wallyworld, man you have stuped to new levels. even the man that I ordered 2 pounds of hard salami in front of didn't boo me, laugh hysterically and mock YES but no booing.... they need to read the wally world logo, NO BOOING!
girl you make me laugh, even at this time of day, ok especially at this time of day

The Williamson Clan said...

Thanks for the laugh therapy! Oh, to have witnessed the Walmart Mob! I'm sure you were not even tempted to turn around and "wave" at them at all. ;) (Yes, shocker, I am aware of that "wave")

About Our Family said...

I've had a couple of those days myself! And I didn't laugh, not one bit...:-p Terry