Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thank you

I appreciate all the feed back about Church.
It is not mandatory to be a member, just that as a member you are invited to be involved in the business meetings and to be able to truly call the church your home and not be just a long term visitor.

So far I have agreed with a lot of what the church has been teaching. However one Sunday the Pastor made a comment about no dancing and I about fell off my chair...I LOVE to dance....
The Church has been very open with their doctrine, and seems to be teaching along the lines of the Bible and its true teaching and say they are a Bible believing church. I have begun taking a Women's Bible study on Titus 2 and LOVE it! I have learned quite a bit so far and look forward to learning more.

I had questions as to the fact that some churches I have been to only use King James, some use NIV version and others The Message. Of course, my Grandpa, who is head Deacon at the other church we used to belong to, says King James is the ONLY version.
I have had long talks about that with Dr. B as well...he does have a PhD in Religion so I figure he must know a little something about it....hehe He has assured me that as long as it is the Holy Bible I would be OK and the differences in the different versions etc. I LOVE THAT MAN! ;-P

I think we may wait and solidify our belief in this Church before we step out to gain membership, I just want to be 'hit with the spiritual 2x4' that we all talk takes that for me to learn things sometimes.

I have always had a deep belief in the Lord, and that has never wavered, even when the Church failed me, he did NOT. To me that means more than anything and will continue to help me grow and find a church family...I hope it is this one that I currently have found.

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Julie said...

I will chime in again. Marissa and I just bought new Bibles last year so I "comparison" shopped. Essentially there are two different "theories" as to the best way to translate a Bible from Greek or Hebrew into English.

The first, essentially literal... tries to translate the Bible word-for-word. The problem is that we don't always have an English word that "matches" the Greek or Hebrew word that underlies it. Most theologians, those guys who screw up Christianity, like this kind of translation. The common ones are the KJV, the New American Standard and the English Standard Version. The ESV is supposed to be the most readable of these Bibles. Marissa and I use the NASB.

The second way, dynamic equivalent Bibles, is to try a idea-to-idea translation using language common in the culture the Bible is to be used. It is thought that a dynamic equivalent Bible is "most readable." I suspect the New International Version is the most well respected dynamic equivalent Bible. It is the preferred Bible for my church.

KJV only people argue that the Greek text that the translators used is more "accurate" than the Greek text used by the translators of other Bibles. Uh... there are actually very few differences and none of them change the meaning of the verse. (for example, things like spelling errors, errors kind of like writing who instead of whom, in one place 'the prophet Isaiah' in one source says, 'the prophets' in another). Anyway, if you have trouble reading the Old English of the KJV Bible, I wouldn't hesitate to try another version.

The Message does not attempt a word-for-word or idea-for-idea translation. Essentially, the Message is a paraphrase. I know a lot of people use it, but I have read some of the verses, scratched my head and said, "Huh?" While, I sometimes read this text to augment my reading, I don't think I would use it as my primary Bible.