Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Sweet Demi

The picture you see here is of Demi Roo. Demi turned 8 years old on January 7th. I cannot believe that she is 8 and that she has been home for 6 years now. Demi has grown into such a beautiful young lady who LOVES to cook. This is a picture at Mammy and Pappy's house (my mom and dad) where she spent Sunday- shopping for, cooking and decorating her own cake as well as shopping for a birthday outfit. I will post a photo of her in her outfit soon...I have to download it from the ole camera...hehe
She LOVED the fact that Mammy and Pappy picked her up after church and took her to lunch. They then bought the things she wanted for her cake and came back to their house to make it. While it cooled they went shopping and she picked out shoes, socks, dress, headband et al..."that was sparkling and matching"...her description...hehe She wore them to school Monday and was happy to be the belle of the ball when I brought cupcakes to her class to celebrate. Everyone LOVED her outfit.
Monday night we celebrated like we always do, the b-day family member gets to pick where we have dinner. Demi chose Golden Corral Buffet. Everyone was happy with that decision since you can pick your own food and dessert; she also picked her Friend Annie to go with her. We told the server that it was Demi's B-day and they sang to her while having her stand on her chair with salt and pepper shakers and using them like maracas....hehehe...she was so embarrassed! ;-)



Angela said...

What a cuty she is! You must be a super proud Mama!!!

Happy Birthday to Demi (VERY cool name BTW)!

It's so encouraging to me to see your kids home and doing so well and your family being so blessed.

Thank you for always having encouragement and help for anyone who needs it. I know you've been a really great blessing to me and I can't even begin to imagine how many other lives you've touched and blessed!!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Roo!!! What a doll! For some reason I thought she was turning 9...gee, what gave me THAT idea?!?! What a Bel Ti Fi! OK, not so 'ti' anymore. ;)