Monday, December 31, 2007

Out and About on the Eve of '08

Today the kids and I took a short trip to see a couple of kids that recently came home from Haiti. Jeremy, Marcy, their 3 bio. boys Austin, Christian and Kaden and now Hope and Grace were all in town visiting family for the holidays. It is amazing to see kids once they are home...what a change it makes. It still amazes me to see children who have lived in an orphanage for a while acclimate to family life, being with a mom AND a dad and siblings in a country that is so different than what they are used to.
Hope and I said a few things in Creole to each other (which I think made her like me a little more....) and I kissed both on the foreheads. The girls remembered me and my 2 youngest kids from our trip last December, when Kai and Nikaya came home. Jeremy and Marcy went to Haiti to visit their girls while we were in Haiti, allowing them to get to know them before they were ready to come home. It is a time I will always remember fondly, but also with sadness. I KNOW that sadness of visiting and having to leave your child behind again....not a feeling I wish on anyone. The experience of getting to know your child a little before, making them real to yourself and you to them, is so priceless and really encourages the bonding once you return to get them.

After visiting, we headed out to see Curtis at work...a quick stop in to say HI and Happy New Year to everyone before the Holiday. We then left and went to eat an Early dinner. I ran into a family I have known for a while. They adopted from Dr. Bernard 14 years ago...the first 2 kids Dr. B every placed in the US. The oldest boy is now 16 years old and HANDSOME! I have not seen the family for several years and was floored when they walked in. Of course, seeing someone who was brown made my kids look, but my son Hunter immediately said "I think he looks Haitian.' YES! I told him....he could not believe it was true.
I spoke to the family some and gaped-mouth stared at Alex. What a handsome young man he has turned into! Tall, well spoken and such a cutie with his girlfriend...hehe
My kids were so excited to meet (Hunter has met them before but was younger and didn't remember) the first boy Dr. B placed. As I was leaving I called Dr. B to wish him Happy Birthday and was able to let him talk to Alex....I think he was truly blessed to talk to him. We had a bad phone connection plus it was loud at the restaurant and Dr. B was at the orphanage for the New Years Eve/Birthday Party so the conversation was short. We did however exchange numbers so they could talk in the future. I hope to make a connection for this boy so he can see where he is from and how many people love him and think of him often.
Well, off to celebrate the New Year!



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