Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Angels Of A Lower Flight

I just read the book "Angels of a Lower Flight" written by Susan Scott Krabacher.

I requested this book for Christmas and was thrilled when my mother found it for me. The book was released in October, but I had not gotten the chance to get it yet.

Was it a good book you ask?! YES....I read it all (320 pages worth) last night and today and finished a little bit ago. The book will make you laugh, cry and shout out in disgust at the very things Susie has seen in her trials in Haiti. It is a good depiction of Haiti, the people, the triumph, the corruption and all that goes on during a typical day in the life of Haiti; yet things still get done.

I like how she does not portray herself as a hero, that she shows her frustration of the things she sees and still has the determination to do what feels called to do. She tells it like it is, warts and all, including her own life and thoughts and tribulations....amazing.

There is no amount of writing here that can do justice to the book, you must read it for yourself..plain and simple

I have never met Susie, but have spoken to her, her hubby Joe and her Father Frank on the phone. They are all wonderful and kind and trying to do the right thing for the people of Haiti, most of all the children no one wants....the handicapped.

Please, take time to find and read the book:


Kim said...

I read this book this month too. It is very wonderfully written and very moving. I read it in a few days, couldn't put it down.

Martha Randolph Carr said...

I agree - Susie’s story is very compelling and speaks volumes about the real possibilities. I had the chance to interview her and learn more about what she’s doing in Haiti. To read more, check it out at