Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Eve

Any big plans for New Years Eve?
Us, we have been invited to a couple of different parties, however, they are adult only parties and kids are not to be included. :-(
We have decided, like we do every year at this time, to have a Family celebration for New Years Eve....come on, you KNOW we are party animals!!!
We are in the process of deciding which movies we will watch, and how much popcorn we will consume tomorrow night. :-) We always end up with at least 2 movies, mounds of candy and popcorn, soda or juice (tea for mommy) and enjoy each others company until the Little's (Kai and Nikaya) fall asleep and the rest of us welcome in the new year.
It should be a fun night with just us in the house with the pets.

We came to this idea because all of our kids LOVE family movie night.
The other day we received a gift from someone that contained popcorn. The popcorn was stored in the pantry. Hunter saw the popcorn on the shelf and declared
"Hey, is it family movie night? "
To which I replied.."No, why do you ask?"
Hunter "Because I see popcorn!"
Mom "Just because there is popcorn doesn't mean it is family movie night."
Hunter "YES IT DOES!"
To which all the kids replied "YES IT DOES!!!"
So, we have decided that New Years Eve will be Family movie night! ;-)

Here is hoping you have an enjoyable New Years eve as well.
I will post about how Family Movie Night went!!!

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