Friday, December 21, 2007

At A Loss

I am going to breach a subject here that may get me in trouble.

I have been told by people that my myspace and blog are offensive due to my music choices, multiple piercings and other life choices I have made. I have never felt the need to censor myself and have always known that 'to know me is to love me'.

The last couple of days my Christianity and Professionalism has been called into question because someone saw my myspace and blog and thought them inappropriate. WHAT? Of course, these people need to remember that I write this stuff for ME, no one else.
What is all the judgment about. These people have never met me, spent time with me, talked in depth with me about my likes, dislikes and hopes and dreams for myself, the world and my children....they SAW and HEARD something THEY didn't like and now I am not appropriate.

I have a dear Friend as well that has been called out for her choices in life. While they may not be as 'risque' as mine in areas, they are 'odd' according to some....enough that they called social services on her. Yep, read that right. She did NOT abuse her children, neglect them or deprive them of anything.....she was DIFFERENT! She is Large Christian family with children of another color who home schools...THE GALL...I felt pity for my choices but see how she is even more persecuted than I am. Both of us wear our differences on the outside, it tends to draw the people who are holier than thou and don't like it, to react.

My myspace has a picture of black hands holding a white child and asks the question...."WHY DOES IT MATTER?" I am asking all of you....Why does it? Who are YOU to determine what is right and wrong.. acceptable and unacceptable?

All I know, some true heroes did what they felt was right for them, their families and themselves and have been persecuted for it. To them I say THANK YOU and to those who continue to be DIFFERENT....ROCK ON!!!

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. said...

This makes me sad to read.

I wonder why people think that we all have to be alike?

I'm thinking, from reading THE BOOK, that Peter, Paul, Matthew, Luke, Barnabas, Timothy & the rest of those fellows were NOT all alike.

I love you JUST LIKE YOU ARE and so does GOD!

Love from your Okie friend, different-than-others-inside-but-probably-not-on-the-outside-friend,

Becky in Okla
(who is soooo "church lady" looking but loves the un-churchy UFC)

Wonder if God really is worried about the OUTSIDE appearance. Nah, don't think so.