Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Update on Things

So far the two families I have in Country are doing well. Visas are in hand!! Marcy leaves Haiti tomorrow afternoon and Beki leaves Thursday afternoon....both with their new children. I am so excited for them and happy that they have finally come to the end of their journey. I often laugh when the families have traveled. During the process they ask me over and over..."are you sure this is going to happen, are you SURE that I will get these kids home?!" I always encourage..."Yes, they will come home, it will happen...in good timing...God's timing." After travel the families finally see the hopes and dreams they have had for so long finally come to fruition and they finally agree "I knew they would come home...." RIGHT...hehehe

Our new church is going well. All the kids love it, and I finally feel like I am not AS lost in Bible Study as I was before. I Will be glad when January hits and they have a new members class to go to as opposed to the regular one....definitely help in the lost category a little more.

They are having choir tryouts and I am THINKING about trying out. I love to sing, sang in school and sing all the time. However, I am new to the church and I am shy to just get up and sing my heart out.....it could sound like a bad karaoke bar if I do...very frightening...hehe

The kids have all enjoyed the Sunday school and Children's church as well as AWANA's...they LOVE IT! I am so glad to find somewhere that everyone seems warm and friendly and accept the kids regardless of color. I even convinced Curtis to try it once....the church never caught fire..he may return again someday. :-P

The church is fairly small, I like that. The Pastor seems to be a real funny, easy going guy. This last Sunday he gave announcements. He said he had to add to the ones already in the bulletin and added the following:
"Fasting meeting to be held on Sunday Dec. 9. Snacks to be served.... "
"Choir tryouts are coming up. If you enjoy singing, please try out, these guys can use all the help they can get."
HEHEHE.....everyone was laughing.

The Church also seems to be fairly mission minded. The Pastor and his wife lived in Columbia for several years and preached at a church there. The church is fairly interested in the kids and what I do for a calling and I may be able to get some of the women involved in a mission trip to NLL sometime....here is to hoping and praying for that.

OK...off to bed. I need to get some sleep. I will try to post some photos of the kids decorating the Christmas tree. Every year we let the kids do it and we take photos. They LOVE to tell everyone THEY decorated it. Of course, some of the tree has 100 ornaments and the other part is bald but hey....it is a special tree. This year was Kai and Nikaya's first time decorating a tree and they had a blast. Kai was dressed in his Spider man Halloween costume and Nikaya had freedom hair and a Cheerleader costume from Halloween on....good times, good times!

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