Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Plans

Well, we survived Christmas! Kids are doing well (not getting along 100%...they are kids out of school ya know). Everyone is unwinding today just letting the whole 3 days sink in, relax etc.

On the 23rd we went to my hubbies family for our Christmas Eve with his side of the family. Lovely time. Not much I could eat due to my Celiac, but it was still good. I did enjoy a few things that were supposed to be ok, but I have paid for it dearly over the last 3 days...eeww... We exchanged gifts with family members and watched the BSU football game on TV. For those of you NOT in Idaho, BSU is our local college (Boise State University) and they ROCK at football. Last year they were undefeated and won the Fiesta Bowl. This year they made it all the way to the Hawaii Sheraton Bowl game. We lost 41-38. Sad, but is just a sport. Next year is a new year and they will try again. I think one of the things that caused our loss was several players had been booted from play and left at home for being naughty...shame.

The 24th we prepped everything and had everyone on my mothers side of the family at OUR house. YIKES. About 30 people came, some I have not seen for a was great. We do not exchange gifts but just get together and eat chili (Yes...chili) and sweet and sour meatballs and visit about our year with each other. I love it even with all the hard work.

The 25th we do Christmas morning with our kids. This year they were tired enough they slept later than we had thought, a little later than 0 dark stupid. hehe
The kids opened their gifts and we ate a little breakfast and enjoyed each others company and got ready to go to Mammy and Pappy's house (my mom and dad) for lasagna.
Ok...side note, I know we do not eat typical Christmas fair around here, but I only get lasagna once a year and I LOVE this time of year because my parents make Gluten Free lasagna and I get my own pan!!!
Anyway, we enjoyed the company of my parents and my brother Eric, his wife Lyndsay and their kids Addie and Ariya. By the end of the evening, we were all on overload, had more gifts and food than we needed and ready to go home for some quiet. ( I use quiet as a relative term since I have 4 kids here...)

Today we relax, recoup and just enjoy the fact that we have no plans to go anywhere.

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