Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fight Update

Quick update on fights!

I have to say that the evening was fairly low in the bloody category. I had one fighter in a submission position and when he tried to get out, it snapped his ankle in half.....EEWW....he made a lovely trip via ambulance to the Hospital for the evening and his opponent went home with a win, but feeling bad that he had broke the other guys ankle......part of the sport when ya climb in the cage I guess.
Almost had one audience member thrown out for his mouth and language. One of the Medics and I were looking for a vial of pain med's that had fallen out and an intoxicated man in the audience hollered obscenities and names at me for 'being in his way...' I shot him a mean look and Security went to him and had a 'shut your mouth or else' speech. The guy came up to me after being surrounded by about 5 security people and apologized to me for his comment. I LOVE the way they take care of my safety at the fights...nothing worse than drunks, testosterone and fights...hehe I did have a couple of the fighters come up and ask me if I wanted them to take care of the guy for me....thanks, but I will file that request in the back of my mind for a later date! ;-P...Nice to know they have my back!

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. said...

Wow, wish I had been there!

I had to satisfy myself with televised highlights of 2007 matches.

Still enjoyed it and I am excited for you every time you post about the fights!

If I ever get up that direction when you are going to sit ringside, I'll be first in line to get tickets!